Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of Multiple Sites for Large Commercial Lender

Blackshare has been the primary provider of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for a large commercial lender and has conducted assessments on more than 200 sites. The assessments have been conducted on a wide variety of property types including shopping centers, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, service stations, apartment complexes, restaurants and vacant land. All assessments have met or exceeded the ASTM standard for conducting Environmental Site Assessments.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Oil & Gas Production Research on 1,600 acre development project

Blackshare conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on a 1,600-acre development project in central Oklahoma. The development included a large number of single-family homes and outlying retail space. Due to significant historical and ongoing oil production in the area, additional oil and gas research was conducted to review the spill history and determine the possible presence of unplugged wells. Oil and gas drilling records were reviewed and individual well locations were plotted on the site map. Interviews were conducted with the personnel with the production and spill history on the property. Blackshare also obtained the names of past operators.

Corridor buyout Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

Blackshare was retained by a local municipality to conduct Phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs) for a tax-funded buyout of a blighted area slated for economic development. The area consisted of 40 acres with approximately 80 residential lots and 12 commercial properties. Phase I ESAs and asbestos surveys were conducted on each property before it was purchased and several had common ownership. Phase II ESAs were conducted on each property that indicated REC’s from the Phase I ESA. In addition, the entire area was a former Brownfields site as metal slag had historically been buried as road base and used in alleys. Since all structures were demolished, a Phase II ESA was conducted on the entire site to evaluate the effect the buried metal slag would have on subsequent commercial development and construction.

Wind farm Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Blackshare conducted a Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA) for the construction of a wind farm project consisting of approximately 10,000 acres. In addition to the standard Phase I tasks (historical property research, site inspection, interviews), the property had a long and rich history of oil and gas activity. This required significant records research for oil and gas to determine reserve/mud pit locations and possible plugged and abandoned wells. The site inspection was conducted on 4-wheelers and horseback.

Natural Gas Processing Company - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Limited Compliance Audit

Blackshare was engaged to conduct a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Limited Compliance Audit for a natural gas processing plant and associated gathering system in New Mexico. The plant is used to recover sulfur and liquid hydrocarbons from natural gas produced in the nearby fields. The compliance audit included a review of regulatory files to determine compliance with air, water and waste regulations.

Commercial Building Asbestos Survey and Abatement Bid Specifications

Blackshare personnel have conducted asbestos surveys on numerous buildings including those scheduled for demolition. As a part of a re-financing, an asbestos survey was required for a large commercial building. Blackshare collected and had samples analyzed which indicated the presence of asbestos in pipe insulation. Blackshare estimated quantities and assembled a bid package for abatement contractor bidding purposes. Blackshare then obtained necessary permits, performed oversight of the contractor during abatement, and conducted air sampling. The abatement was completed successfully and the loan approved.

Former Dry Cleaner Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

During a Phase I ESA being conducted for commercial development of a parcel, historical research discovered that a building on the property was formerly used as a dry cleaners. Blackshare conducted a Phase II ESA to determine both the degree and extent of contamination from the historical dry cleaners operation by advancing 9 borings and collecting soil and groundwater samples. After a risk assessment was performed, a compliance point was established and a offsite well was installed for future monitoring allowing development of the site to occur.

Industrial Facility Phase III Environmental Site Assessment

As a part of a property transaction, historical underground storage tanks and used oil tanks were discovered at an industrial facility in Louisiana. Blackshare was retained by the seller to manage the cleanup of two distinct areas on the property. Because of the levels of contamination and future use concerns of the buyer, both areas were excavated, contaminated soil removed, and backfilled with clean soil. Weather caused significant complications. However, Blackshare successfully completed the project which resulted in the disposal of over 2,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil on schedule and on budget.

Arena Site - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A four block area in downtown was chosen as the site for the new 18,000-seat arena, and Blackshare was selected to perform the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. The four block area contained 20 commercial parcels consisting of commercial, industrial and vacant properties. Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) were identified as a result of historical property use research. The Phase I report for the project consisted of 20 individual parcel Phase I reports and required the utilization of several Blackshare staff to meet the extremely short turnaround time.

Horse Racing Facility - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A horse racing facility and adjoining acreage was purchased by a Native American Tribe and Blackshare was engaged to perform the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment as part of the due diligence process. The 252-acre site included the race track and grandstands, stables, barns, a two-story office/apartment, and three on-site residences. Eventually a casino was also constructed on the property.